We are in the business of providing a full range of non-life insurance products and services customized to meet the varied needs of a wide spectrum of business and industrial clients as well as individuals, providing Property, Marine/Aviation, Motor and other Miscellaneous products. The most important aspect of our operation is that we have created a separate Risk Management Team and an Engineering Group who work closely with clients to identify various risk exposures and then provide specific insurance. This helps in loss prevention and reducing the cost of premium. Our market-driven team of inspired and technically qualified insurance personnel, specializing in civil, mechanical, metallurgy, electronics and having overseas linkages, is on-call for necessary professional advice at all times. It is our policy not only to provide protection and risk reduction but help clients develop preventive capabilities to avert major perils and calamities.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Amir Raza

Managing Director / Principal Officer

Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed

Internal Auditor

Mr. Liaqat Ali Shaukat

Company Secretary


24×7 Support

The Universal Insurance Company Limited – a part of……

Motor Insurance

Full Comprehensive coverage (as more specifically defined….

Marine Insurance

argo interests are exposed to numerous financial risks in…..

Claim Settlement

Claim is entered “online” immediately on intimation and ….

Miscellaneous Insurance

This policy provides coverage loss and/or damage to the participan…

Fire Insurance

This policy is specifically designed to cover home and….

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that cover the medical….

Life Insurance

Life insurance (or life assurance, especially in the Commonwealth……

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